Certificate in High-Tech Project Management

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Course Description

This course explores various agile methodologies for managing projects that are intended to deliver innovation-based products, services, systems or results. It explores how six major requirements of high-tech businesses – already analyzed under the Business Analysis process – are fed into the project management processes to create solutions that resonate with market needs while optimizing value for business owners, investors and key stakeholders. It explores scrum, kanban and hybrid environments that deliver features and increments in rapid succession and in an environment of constantly changing requirements and technologies. This program calls for all those with an interest in technology business or who seek to exploit the endless possibility of technology to create sustainable businesses. You don’t need to be a programmer to take this course. Meet the experts in Accra and experience Quality, Practical Tuition. Our Fees include Tuition, Books, Lunch and Certificate.

Entry Requirement: Certificate in High-Tech Business Analysis

Venue: Accra-Ghana

Date: Monday 8th – Friday 12th January 2018.

Time: 8:AM – 4PM Each day.

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Section 1 - Introduction to Project Requirements

  • Understanding Solution Requirements, Understanding Business Requirements, Understanding Technical Requirements, Understanding Solution Requirements

Section 2 - Introduction to Agile Methodologies for Managing Projects

  • The Agile Manifesto, Introduction to Lean Frameworks, Predictive Life Cycles, Incremental Life Cycles, Iterative Life Cycles, Agile Life Cycles, Agile Suitability Filters, Likelihood of Change Assessment, Delivery Requirements Analysis, Hybrid Life Cycles and Transition Strategy.

Section 3 - Agile Roles and Team Composition

  • Agile Project Managers, Team Structures, Generalists vs. Specialists, Team Workspaces, Organizational Silos

Section 4 - Delivering in an Agile Environment

  • Retrospectives, Backlog Preparation, Backlog Refinements, Daily Standups, Drivers for Change Management, Readiness for Change, Organizational Culture, Tailoring Options, Kanban in Action.


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